Political and Diplomatic Relations

  •  In 1973, the diplomatic recognition occurred between the republic of Turkey and the state of Qatar. And Turkey opened its first embassy in Doha 1980, while the State of Qatar opened its embassy in Ankara 1992.
  • The year of 1985 has witnessed the signing of a number of bilateral agreements and what it turned to become the framework to build on, especially in the economic, trade and technical fields, in addition to the cultural sphere.
  • In 2007, Qatar opened its consulate in Istanbul and in 2009 the state opened its military attaché. This period between 2008 and 2011 was seen as a qualitative leap in relations that reflected itself in a number of formal mutual visits at the highest levels between the two countries. It was considered to be a move that shows the depth of relations and the high level they has reached. These visits have contributed to strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation and  resulted in several cooperation agreements in different areas.
  • The period since 2011has experienced a harmony in the foreign policy of both countries resulting from the conformity in foreign policy-based attitudes and vision vis-à-vis  the regional events.

Mutual Visits

  • The mutual high- level visits were intensified since 2013, and until September 2015, His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar had visited Turkey eight times since taking office in June 2013.
  • In return, H.E recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the period until December 2015, visited the State of Qatar for four times. Including the capital Ankara, Istanbul and Trabzun, twice as Prime Minister, and twice as President of the Republic. In December 2013, the new building of the Turkish embassy was opened, and in September 2014, Erdogan visited Doha in his capacity as the President of the Republic for the first time. He visited the State of Qatar as President again in 2 December  2015, when  Doha was hosting the first session of the High Joint Strategic Committee at the level of leaderships of the two countries. During this visit, 15 agreements were signed between the two countries, covering  a wide variety of fields.
    Moreover in 2017 H.E Erdogan visited Doha on the 14th of February.