Political System

The political system:

The political system in Turkey is a democratic parliamentary republic system, which is based on social justice and the rule of law in a secular constitution, allowing multiple political parties.

The Turkish language is the official language of the state. The flag is composed of a white crescent and a white star on a red background, the political capital of the country is Ankara, while many consider Istanbul as the economic capital of the country.

The President is the head of state. According to constitutional amendments to the Turkish Constitution system, starting from 2014, the president of Turkey will be elected, by direct popular vote, as a President of the Turkish Republic for a period of five years renewable once. Noting that the old system stated that the election of the president would be based on the voices of Parliament, for a one period of seven years.     

Executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, while the legislative power is vested in the parliament. As for the judiciary, it is independent of the executive and the legislature power, and the Constitutional Court is responsible of the task of looking at the compatibility of laws and decrees with the constitution.

Prime Minister is elected by the parliament through a vote of confidence in the cabinet, and it is often that the chairman of the party, which has the largest number of seats in Parliament will be the prime minister.

Parliament consists of 550 members, which are elected by the people every four years, representing 81 electoral regions in the Turkish province.

The electoral system has been organized in the Constitution, where the conduct of the parliamentary elections or local (municipal) for a period of one day, and considered each province is an electoral district, and every political party able to overcome the barrier of 10% of the electoral votes gain access to Parliament with a number of members of parliament according to the votes obtained (system of proportional representation).

Of the main political parties participating in the current session of the Turkish Parliament: Justice and Development Party (the ruling conservative), the Republican People's Party (left- wing - the main opposition) party, the MHP (National Conservative) the HDP (National Kurdish).